virtualip move

Reassigns a virtual IP or a range of virtual IP addresses to a specified Media Access Control (MAC) address.


maprcli virtualip move
    [ -cluster <cluster name> ]
    -virtualip <virtualip>
    [ -virtualipend <virtualip end range>
    -tomac <mac>
    [ -service nfs3|nfs4 ]
Request Type POST
Request URL


Parameter Description
cluster The name of the cluster where the virtual IP addresses are being moved.
service The service to assign the VIPs to. Value can be one of the following:
  • nfs3 — for NFSv3
  • nfs4 — for NFSv4
The default value is nfs3, which is used if this option is not specified.
tomac The MAC address that the virtual IP addresses are being assigned.
virtualip A virtual IP address. If you provide a value for -virtualipend, this virtual IP address defines the beginning of the range.
virtualipend A virtual IP address that defines the end of a virtual IP address range.


Move a range of three virtual IP addresses to a MAC address for the cluster

maprcli virtualip move -cluster -virtualip -virtualipend -tomac 00:FE:ED:CA:FE:99 
curl -k -X POST '' --user mapr:mapr