6.1 Platform

Provides a brief overview of what the MapR data platform is and how you can use it to solve enterprise business needs.

MapR is the industry-leading data platform for AI and analytics. MapR enables you to master critical data challenges, specifically:
  • Speed up AI and analytics initiatives for more impact at production scale

  • Accelerate time-to-value for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud strategies

  • Create highly reliable, scalable data fabric

  • Use data streams for real-time edge analytics

  • Implement Kubernetes containerization more effectively

The MapR data platform allows you to address your critical data needs while providing industry-leading performance, data security, easy application development, and true scalability.

The MapR data platform enables you to solve critical business needs:

Business Need MapR Provides.... Typical Use Cases...

AI and Analytics

A data platform approach for full range of AI, ML, Analytics with no silos, faster response and mission critical reliability at scale

  • Contextual experiences
  • Recommendations
  • Churn detection
  • Real-time analytics
  • DWH offload
  • Operational data hub
  • Fraud detection
  • Security analytics
IOT and Edge Analytics

Seamless edge to on-prem or cloud data movement with analytics

  • IoT Analytics
  • Edge to edge fabric
  • Anomaly detection
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Multi-cloud
  • Streaming analytics
  • Real-time response
Journey to Cloud

Easy data and application movement between on-prem and multiple clouds delivers lower TCO, higher flexibility

  • Scale-out storage
  • Global repository, persistent data containers
  • High-performance file


  • Multi-cloud choice
  • GDPR

Enable stateful applications in containers to use system-of-record data in a high-reliability platform

  • Improve agility
  • Greater flexibility
  • Higher elasticity
  • Better utilization

High-level View of the MapR Data Platform

The following diagram shows the basic components of the MapR Data Platform.

Get Started

You can jump right into using the MapR Data Platform:
  • MapR Sandbox for Hadoop: Try out a single-node cluster that's ready to roll, right out of the box!
  • MapR Installer: Use the MapR Installer to set up a production cluster, large or small.

Learn More about the Architecture of the MapR Data Platform Components

This system overview contains architectural details about the components that run on the MapR Data Platform and the relationships between the components. See these topics to learn about each component.