Metering Data Descriptions

This table lists the metrics collected by the metering feature.

Table 1. Metering Data Descriptions
JSON Field Name Description
clusterId Randomly generated ID created when the cluster is installed
collectionDate Epoch timestamp for the latest metric collection
mapRCoreBuildVersion MapR core software build version
signature Digital signature of the metering JSON file
version Version of the metering program used to capture this JSON result
isSecure Identifies whether the cluster is secure or not

Options: true or false.

numberOfNodes Number of nodes in the cluster
clusterDiskCapacityInGB Total data in the cluster at that time
clusterDiskCapacityUsedInGB Total data consumed in the cluster at that time
totalAmountOfDataOffloadedToColdTiersInGB Data offloaded to the cloud, using Object Tiering

You can display this metric using the maprcli dashboard info command.

cpuCoreInSeconds CPU core hours consumed by all MapR Services across all nodes

Also, CPU core-hours used by all Apache ecosystem components, as well as MapR Filesystem, CLDB, API servers, REST gateways, replication gateways, and so on.

clients Number of active instances at that moment
numberOfactiveUniquePlatinumPosixClients Number of monthly active unique Platinum POSIX clients

You can display this metric using the maprcli node list -clientsonly command.

numberOfactiveUniqueDSROrPACCInstances Number of monthly active unique DSR instances, using Gold POSIX clients