GET /topics/{string: topic_name}/partitions/{string: partition_id}

Retrieves metadata about a specific partition within a topic.


Depending on the configuration, the type of information retrieved has different behavior. See the in Configuration Parameters.

Table 1. Response Behavior
Parameters Defined Response is defined Gets metadata about a specific partition within a MapR Event Store For Apache Kafka topic. The user could pass fully qualified topic name or not. If a fully qualified topic name is not used, metadata is retrieved and appended to the default stream path. is not defined Gets metadata about specific MapR Event Store For Apache Kafka partitions within a topic. The user could only pass fully qualified topic names that contains stream path.
Table 2. Parameters
Parameters Description
topic_name (string) Name of the topic.
partition_id (int) ID of the partition to inspect.



Request Example

curl -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/vnd.kafka.v2"

Response Example