GET /consumers/{string: group_name)/instances/{string: instance_id}/offsets

Gets the last committed offsets for the given partitions (whether the commit happened by this process or another).


Table 1. Parameters
Parameter Description
group_name (string) Name of the consumer group.
instance (string) ID of the consumer instance.
partitions A list of partitions to find the last committed offsets.
partitions[i].topic (string) Name of the topic.
partitions[i].partition (int) Partition ID



Request Example

curl -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/vnd.kafka.binary.v2+json" --data

Response Example

The response JSON object is in the following form:
  • offsets - A list of committed offsets.
  • offsets[i].topic (string) – Name of the topic for which an offset was committed
  • offsets[i].partition (int) – Partition ID for which an offset was committed
  • offsets[i].offset (int) – Committed offset
  • offsets[i].metadata (string) – Metadata for the committed offset
        "topic": "/stream:topic",
        "partition": 0,
        "offset": 21,