Note: With the MapR 6.2 release, Myriad will be deprecated and no longer supported.

Myriad enables the co-existence of Apache Hadoop and Apache Mesos on the same physical infrastructure. By running Hadoop YARN as a Mesos framework, YARN applications and Mesos frameworks can run side-by-side while dynamically sharing cluster resources. Resource allocation and management of Mesos services is supported by MapR Warden. The script provides additional options for configuring Myriad.

With Apache Myriad, you can:
  • Run your operational applications (including those running in Docker) side-by-side with your analytic applications.
  • Achieve Hadoop multi-tenancy by provisioning logical Hadoop clusters for each user or group.

Key Features

  • YARN running as a Mesos Framework, with resource manager and node managers running inside Mesos containers.
  • YARN clusters running on Mesos that can allocate resources in one of the following ways:
  • Static - Administrators can use an API or a GUI to add or remove node managers or auxiliary services like the JobHistoryServer.
  • Fine-grained - Administrators can provision thin node managers that are dynamically resized based on application demand.
  • High Availability (HA) and graceful restart of YARN daemons.
  • Ability to launch multiple YARN clusters on the same set of nodes.
  • Support for YARN FairScheduler and all functionality such as hierarchical queues with weights. Ability to deploy YARN Resource Manager using Marathon. This feature leverages Marathon's dynamic scheduling, process supervision, and integration with service discovery (Mesos-DNS).
  • Ability to run MapReduce version 2 and associated libraries such as Hive and Pig.