GET /consumers/{string: group_name}/instances/{string: instance_id}/records

Fetches data for the topics or partitions specified using one of the subscribe/assign APIs.


The format of the embedded data returned by this request is determined by the format specified in the initial consumer instance creation request and must match the format of the Accept header.
Note: This request must be made to the specific REST proxy instance holding the consumer instance.
Table 1. Parameters
Parameter Description
group_name (string) Name of the consumer group.
instance (string) ID of the consumer instance.
timeout The number of milliseconds for the underlying client library poll(timeout) request to fetch the records. Default: 5000ms.
max_bytes The maximum number of bytes of unencoded keys and values that should be included in the response. This provides approximate control over the size of responses and the amount of memory required to store the decoded response. The actual limit is the minimum of this setting and the server-side configuration consumer.request.max.bytes. Default: unlimited



Request Example

curl -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/vnd.kafka.v2+json" 

Response Example

    "topic": "test",
    "key": "a2V5",
    "value": "Y29uZmx1ZW50",
    "partition": 1,
    "offset": 100,
    "topic": "test",
    "key": "a2V5",
    "value": "a2Fma2E=",
    "partition": 2,
    "offset": 101,