Integrating the Hive-on-Tez User Interface with Tez

This topic describes how to integrate the Hive-on-Tez user interface with Tez.

  1. Add the following entry to the /opt/mapr/tez/tez-<version>/conf/tez-site.xml file, replacing <hostname>:<port> with the real host name. You can use 9383 or 9393 for the port. 9383 is HTTP and 9393 is HTTPS Tomcat port for the Hive-on-Tez user interface.
      <description>Enable Tez to use the Timeline Server for History Logging</description>
      <description>URL for where the Tez UI is hosted</description>

Repeat this step on each node where you want the Hive-on-Tez user interface to be configured.