SQL Limitations

The following is a list of SQL limitations on Hive on Tez:

Issue Summary
HIVE-11693 CommonMergeJoinOperator throws exception with Tez.
HIVE-9989 Hive on Tez group by with cast(NULL AS BIGINT) throws NPE.
HIVE-11270 Tez gives different responses when run on Physical tables and logical views.
HIVE-9223 HiveServer2 on Tez doesn't support concurrent queries within one session.
HIVE-13623 Hive on Tez produces wrong results when withClause and (outer) joins.
TEZ-2741 Hive on Tez does not work well with Sequence Files Schema changes.
HIVE-13926 Cannot limit reduce (not both Map and Reduce) memory in Tez engine.