Modifying the hue.ini File

To configure Hue to work with Impala, change the values of the following parameters in the impala section of the hue.ini file:
Parameter Default Value Description
server_host localhost The hostname or IP address of the Impala server
server_port 21050 The port of the Impala server
impersonation_enabled False Turns the impersonation mechanism on or off when talking to Impala
  1. If server_host is not localhost, change the hostname (and remove the ## characters to uncomment the line).
    ## server_host=<hostname>
  2. If you are not using the default server port (21050), change the server_port setting to the port you are using (and remove the ## characters to uncomment the line).
    ## server_port=<port_number>
  3. Enable impersonation in Impala so the user mapr can impersonate any Linux PAM user on the cluster:
    1. Edit the /opt/mapr/impala/impala-<version>/conf/ file, and add the following property to the section IMPALA_SERVER_ARGS=*/:
    2. Restart Impala.
      sudo maprcli node services -name impalaserver -action restart -nodes <ip_address>
  4. Enable impersonation for Impala in the hue.ini file by setting impersonation_enabled to true (and remove the ## characters to uncomment the line).
    ## impersonation_enabled=true
  5. Restart Hue so the changes will take effect.