Viewing Application Logs

You can use logs to view the status and analyze the execution of applications in a cluster.

To view the status or to access logs for running applications, you can use the user interface associated with the YARN framework.

  • For MapReduce version 2 or non-MapReduce applications, access the ResourceManager user interface from the MCS to view the status and logs for a particular application.

For completed applications, the distributed nature of YARN frameworks can make analyzing the execution of applications difficult because tasks and containers are scattered throughout the cluster. Without centralized or aggregated logging, you must manually access all the log files for a completed application by merging the log details for a particular application across multiple nodes in the cluster. With centralized or aggregated logging, you can can access all the logs for a completed application in a centralized location. However, the steps to access logs for completed applications differ based on the configured logging option.