Archiving CLDB Logs

The CLDB logs can be archived by setting the value for the configuration parameter, cldb.logarchiver.enabled, using the maprcli config save command. The value can be:
  • 0 — disable
  • 1 — enable
  • Enable archiving, run the following command:
    maprcli config save -values '{"cldb.logarchiver.enabled":"1"}'
  • Disable archiving, run the following command:
    maprcli config save -values '{"cldb.logarchiver.enabled":"0"}'

The default value for this parameter is 2, which indicates that the CLDB log archiving is disabled; but on clusters with 50 or more MapR Filesystem nodes, the CLDB log archiving will be automatically enabled unless the value is explicitly set to 0.

If/when archiving is enabled:

  • All static CLDB log files, except the active cldb.log file, are periodically scanned and archived in /var/mapr/cldblog/<hostname> directory.
  • The filename for the archived log file is autogenerated based on the date and timestamp on the first log line in the file chosen for archival.

    For example, suppose a log file with the following first line:

    2017-04-06 12:42:16,020 INFO CLDB [main]: Loading properties file : /opt/mapr/conf/cldb.conf
    The archived log filename in /var/mapr/cldblog/<hostname> directory will be: 2017-04-06_12.42.16.020