Upgrading the Ecosystem Pack Without the MapR Installer

After you upgrade MapR core without using the MapR Installer, you need to upgrade ecosystem components with manual steps. First, verify that your repository is configured to use a Ecosystem Pack (MEP) that is supported by your cluster version. Then, upgrade each component manually.

Note: If you installed the cluster with the MapR Installer, do not use the following steps to upgrade your ecosystem components. Instead, see Upgrading Core With the Installer.

Prerequisite: Set up the MEP Repository

Complete the following steps on each node in the cluster when you upgrade without the MapR Installer:
  1. Verify that each node can access the ecosystem packages associated with the MEP version that you want to use. For information on how to setup the ecosystem repositories or to manually download each package, see Setting Up Repositories.
  2. Update the repository cache to get the latest list of available packages:
    • On RedHat/CentOS:
      # yum clean all
    • On SUSE:
       # zypper refresh
    • On Ubuntu:
      # apt-get update

Manually Upgrade Ecosystem Components

Review the MEP Release Notes to determine the list of ecosystem components available in the MEP that you have selected. Then, complete the manual upgrade steps for each component that you want to upgrade.