Mounting one or more Volumes

Explains how to set or change mount settings for volumes using the Control System or the CLI.

To mount volumes under a directory, you must have read/write permissions on the directory.

Changing or Setting Mount Information Using the Control System

To mount one or more volumes, in the Summary tab under Data > Volumes:

  1. Select the volumes to mount from the list of volumes in the Volumes pane.
  2. Select Mount Volume(s) from the Actions drop-down menu.
    The Mount Volume(s) confirmation dialog displays.
    Note: Only unmounted volumes with mount paths can be mounted. Volumes with no mount paths and volumes that are currently mounted, if selected, cannot be mounted.
  3. Verify list of selected volumes.
    If necessary, click to remove a volume from the list of volumes to mount.
  4. Click Mount Volumes to mount the selected volumes.

Changing or Setting Mount Information Using the CLI or REST API

The basic command to mount the volume is:

maprcli volume mount -name <volume name> -path <mount path>

For complete reference information including all available options, see volume mount.