Using Volume Links for Read and Write Operations

When you mirror a volume, read requests to the source volume can be served by any of its mirrors on the same cluster via a volume link of type mirror. A volume link is similar to a normal volume mount point, except that you can specify whether it points to the source volume or its mirrors.

  • To write to (and read from) the source volume, mount the source volume normally.

    As long as the source volume is mounted below a non-mirrored volume, you can read and write to the volume normally via its direct mount path. You can also use a volume link of type writeable to write directly to the source volume regardless of its mount point.

  • To read from the mirrors, use the volume link create command to make a volume link (of type mirror) to the source volume.

    Any read requests from the volume link are distributed among the volume's mirrors. Since the volume link provides access to the mirror volumes, you do not need to mount the mirror volumes.