Editing a Stream Replica

Explains how to edit a stream replica using the Control System and the CLI to modify the way in which messages are replicated from the source stream to the replica.

Editing a Stream Replica Using the Control System

To un-register one or more stream replicas from the Control System:
  1. Log in to the Control System and go to the Replication tab in the stream information page.
  2. Click associated with the replica to edit in the Replicas pane.
    The Edit Replica page displays.
  3. Make necessary changes to any of the following properties.
    Path to Replica Specify path and name of the replica stream.
    Throttle Enable (Yes) or disable (No) throttling of replication operations. Throttle the replication stream to minimize the impact of the replication process on incoming operations during periods of heavy load. By default, throttling is disabled.
    Throttling has two effects, both of which allow HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Event Store to use more system resources to process new messages:
    • Throttling slows down the rate at which changes to a stream are replicated.
    • Throttling slows down the rate at which messages to be replicated are read from disk.
    Replicate Synchronously Set up synchronous (Yes) or asynchronous (No) replication.
    Encrypt On Wire Enable (Yes) or disable (No) on-wire encryption. By default, this is disabled (No). If you enable on-wire encryption, the local cluster and any other cluster that is part of the replication process must be enabled for security.
    Compress On Wire Specify type of compression to use when replicating messages.
  4. Click Save Changes for the changes to take effect.

Editing a Stream Replica Using the CLI or REST API

The basic command to modify a replica is:

stream replica edit -path <stream path> -replica <remote stream path>

For complete reference information, see stream replica edit.