Preparing Clusters for Stream Replication

Configuring clusters for participation in the replication of HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Event Store streams involves configuring two or more gateways on destination clusters and, if the clusters are secure, setting up secure communications between the clusters.

  • Plan which replication topology you want to use: basic primary-secondary, multi-master, or a combination of these. For more information about replication topologies, see Stream Replication.
  • Ensure that you have administrative authority on the clusters that you plan to use.
  • Replicating streams requires the installation of gateways. For more information about installation requirements, see Service Layout Guidelines for Replication
To configure clusters for replication between streams:
  1. In the mapr-clusters.conf file on every node in your source cluster, add an entry that lists the CLDB nodes that are in the destination cluster.
    This step is required so that the source cluster can communicate directly with the destination cluster's CLDB nodes. See mapr-clusters.conf for the format to use for the entries.
  2. Configure gateways on the destination clusters.
  3. For secure clusters: Optionally, configure source clusters so that you can locally run maprcli commands that are executed on the destination cluster.
  4. For secure clusters: Add one cross-cluster ticket to each source cluster for each cluster that it replicates to.
  5. Ensure that the user ID of the person who starts the replication process has the readAce permission on the volume where the source streams are located and the writeAce permission on the volumes where the replica streams are located. For information about how to set permissions on volumes, see Setting Whole Volume ACEs.