Viewing Stream Information

Explains how to view stream information including stream properties, topics, and replication settings using the Control System and the CLI.

Viewing Stream Information Using the Control System

To view stream information:

  1. Log in to the Control System and click Data > Streams.
    Note: This option is not available in the Kubernetes version of the Control System.
  2. Locate the stream (by searching or browsing the volumes or by entering the full path to the stream) and click on the stream name.
    The stream information page displays the following tabs:You can:
    The Summary tab displays:
    • The active and recent alarms in the Alarms pane.
    • The stream settings and permissions in the Detail pane.

Retrieving Stream Information Using the CLI or REST API

The basic command to retrieve stream information is:

maprcli stream info -path <Stream Path>

To run this command, your user ID must have the following permissions:

  • readAce on the volume
  • lookupdir on directories in the path
  • adminperm
    When a user with this permission runs the command, the output includes the access-control expressions for the adminperm and topicperm permissions.
    produceperm, consumeperm, or topicperm
    When a user with one of these permissions runs the command, the output does not include any access-control expressions.

For complete reference information, see stream info.