Installing Data Access Gateway

This topic includes instructions for using package managers to download and install the Data Access Gateway from the MEP repository.

For instructions on setting up the MEP repository, see Step 10: Install Ecosystem Components Manually.

The Data Access Gateway is included in MEP repositories beginning with MEP 5.0.0. The Data Access Gateway is a service that acts as a proxy and gateway for translating requests between lightweight client applications and the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric cluster. For MEP 6.0.0, the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Database JSON REST API and Python OJAI client use this service.

In the Installer, the gateway is not visible as a unique service but is installed when the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric DataBase service is selected and can also be installed manually using this procedure. The gateway should be installed on at least two nodes, if possible, but not on CLDB or Zookeeper nodes. It is recommended to install the service on the same node as the gateway server.

Run the following commands as root or using sudo.
  1. Install the Data Access Gateway package:

    On Ubuntu:

    apt-get install mapr-data-access-gateway

    On RedHat/ CentOS:

    yum install mapr-data-access-gateway

    On SUSE:

    zypper install mapr-data-access-gateway
  2. Run -R:
    /opt/mapr/server/ -R
    Note: As the Data Access Gateway is managed by Warden, you don't have to restart Warden after installing the gateway. Warden brings up the service after a few minutes.

To manage and administer the gateway, see Administering the Data Access Gateway.

To learn more about the gateway, see Understanding the Data Fabric Data Access Gateway.