Step 6: Configure Nodes

Connect nodes to the cluster, configure security, and arrange node storage.

You run the script on a node to enable the node to communicate with the cluster. You must configure each node that is part of the cluster and each node that connects to the cluster as a client.

Perform the following operations to configure a node:

Operation Description
Prepare to run This topic describes some information you will need to gather before running the script.
Enabling the External Key Store (KMIP) Feature These steps are required only if you want to enable an external key store during installation. For more information about the external key store (KMIP) feature, see External KMIP Keystore Overview.
Enabling Security These steps configure your cluster for security, enabling security for authentication, authorization, and data. Data-at-rest (DARE) encryption can also be enabled during this task. If you do not want your cluster to be secure, do not perform the steps in this procedure. Go to Configuring Nodes without Security.
Configure nodes without security These steps configure each node to be a part of the cluster but do not configure security. If you want your cluster to be secure, do not perform this procedure. Go to Enabling Security.
Configure storage To configure storage on a node, you can manually run disksetup. You need to perform this step for nodes in the cluster that are installed with the mapr-fileserver. The steps you use to configure storage vary depending on whether or not DARE is enabled or disabled.