Installing AsyncHBase Libraries

This topic includes instructions for using package managers to download and install AsyncHBase from the MEP repository.

For instructions on setting up the MEP repository, see Step 10: Install Ecosystem Components Manually.
Execute the following commands as root or using sudo.
  1. Based on your operating system, run one of the following commands to install the package:
    On Red Hat /Centos
    yum install mapr-asynchbase
    On SUSE
    zypper install mapr-asynchbase
    On Ubuntu
    apt-get install mapr-asynchbase
  2. Run the script with the following command to configure the AsyncHBase role for the node:
    /opt/mapr/server/ -R
After installing the mapr-asynchbase package, the AsyncHBase JAR file asynchbase-<version>-mapr.jar is in the /opt/mapr/asynchbase/asynchbase-<version> directory.