Installing with the MapR Installer

The MapR Installer automates the process of installing MapR software and offers you a variety of options to complete the installation.

Use this option . . . When See for more information
MapR Installer web interface You need a wizard-like tool to install MapR software, and you want visual feedback about the installation process. MapR Installer
MapR Installer Stanzas You need a script-based tool to install MapR software, and you do not want to click through the menus and options provided by the web-based MapR Installer. MapR Installer Stanzas
MapR Installer Containers You want to use either the web-based MapR Installer or Stanzas from a Docker container. MapR Installer Containers
MapR Installer in the Cloud You want to deploy or modify a MapR cluster in Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. Installing MapR in the Cloud
Note: If you do not want to use one of the MapR Installer options, you still have the option to install the software manually. See Installing without the MapR Installer.