MapR Control System

Provides a brief description of the MapR Control System.

The MapR Control System provides a graphical control panel for cluster administration with all the functionality of the command-line or REST APIs. The Control System provides job monitoring metrics and helps you troubleshoot issues, such as which jobs required the most memory in a given week, or which events caused job and task failures.

The Control System provides various views, which you can use to configure and monitor your cluster:


The Control System Overview page provides a summary of information about the cluster including a cluster heat map that displays the health of each node organized by service, an alarms summary, cluster utilization that shows the CPU, memory, and disk space usage, the number of available, unavailable, and under replicated volumes, and MapReduce applications.


The Control System Services page provides a summary of the services running across the cluster.

The Control System Nodes page provides a summary of information about the nodes on the cluster including a heat map that displays the health of each node, resource utilization that shows the CPU and memory usage, all active alarms, and a list of all the nodes on the cluster with links that provide shortcuts to more detailed information about the node.

The Control System Data drop down menu contains links to pages that provide summary of information about volumes, tables, and streams.

The Control System Admin drop down menu contains links to pages for user and cluster management tasks such as setting up permissions, quotas, and email settings for users, enabling cluster-level and data auditing, configuring balancer settings, and adding licenses.
Note: During installation using the MapR Installer, you can configure metrics and logging using settings on the Monitoring page of the MapR Installer user interface. The metrics collection infrastructure must be installed because the Control System relies on these metrics to provide graphs and charts. If the metrics collection infrastructure is not installed, you cannot visualize the metrics in the panes on the Control System.