Transitioning a Standby ResourceManager to Active

The yarn rmadmin command includes options to manage high availability for the ResourceManager, including transitioning a ResourceManager node between active and standby modes. These commands take the ResourceManager service ID as an argument and can be run on any node in the cluster. The serviceID of a ResourceManager is set in the yarn.resourcemanager.ha.rm-ids property of the yarn-site.xml file.

Transition a standby ResourceManager to the active state when the active ResourceManager process has failed or the node that runs the process is no longer accessible.

  1. Determine if an active ResourceManager is running in the cluster. See Checking the ResourceManager State.
  2. Run the following command to set the current active ResourceManager to standby: yarn rmadmin -transitionToStandby <serviceID>
     yarn rmadmin -transitionToStandby <serviceID>
  3. Run the following command to transition the standby ResourceManager to the active state: yarn rmadmin -transitionToActive <serviceID>
    yarn rmadmin -transitionToActive <serviceID>