What's New in EEP 8.1.0

Summarizes the new features and product updates in Ecosystem Pack (EEP) 8.1.0.

EEP 8.1.0 can be used with core 6.2.0 and core 7.0.0. For more information about EEP and core version support, see EEP Support and Lifecycle Status.

EEP 8.1.0 Versions and Features

EEP 8.1.0 introduces a new component, Airflow, to the HPE Ezmeral Ecosystem Pack and provides significant updates to Spark. Other components received minor updates. The following table summarizes the significant version updates in EEP 8.1.0:
Component EEP 8.0.0 Version EEP 8.1.0 Version
Airflow N/A
Data Access Gateway
Spark 3.1.2 3.2.0

To compare the versions of various components in different EEPs, see Component Versions for Released EEPs.

FIPS Support

When used with release 7.0.0, most EEP 8.1.0 components support the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 1. The following table summarizes EEP 8.1.0 component support for FIPS:
EEP 8.1.0 Component FIPS Support
Airflow No
Data Access Gateway Yes
Drill Yes
HBase Yes*
Hive Yes
Hue No
Kafka REST Yes
Kafka Schema Registry Yes
Kafka Connect HDFS Yes
Kafka Connect JDBC Yes
Kafka Streams Yes
Livy Yes**
Oozie Yes
Spark Yes**
Tez Yes

*HBase cannot be used in a mixed (FIPS and non-FIPS) configuration. For example, a non-FIPS client node cannot communicate with a FIPS server node.

**In a mixed (FIPS and non-FIPS) configuration, there is a known issue related to Spark and Livy applications when the Spark UI is enabled. See the Spark and Livy release notes.

For more information about FIPS, see FIPS Compliance for HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric. For release note information, see the Ecosystem Pack 8.1.0 Release Notes.

Discontinued Components

S3 Gateway, Oozie, and Data Science Refinery (DSR) were added to the list of discontinued components. For more information, see Discontinued Ecosystem Components.

Terminology Changes

Beginning with EEP 8.0.0, the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric product documentation includes the following terminology changes:
Old Name New Name
Ecosystem Pack (MEP)1 Ezmeral Ecosystem Pack (EEP)
HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric XD Distributed File and Object Store HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric File Store
Object Store with S3-Compatible API S3 Gateway
1In some areas, MEP continues to be used instead of EEP. To minimize issues for longtime MEP users, the package repository for released EEPs continues to use the MEP abbreviation in the directory names. See https://package.mapr.hpe.com/releases/MEP/. In addition, MEP remains in some documentation URLs to ensure that bookmarks and links to the URLs continue to work.

For more information about data-fabric terminology, see Documentation Enhancements in What's New in Release 7.0.0.

Support for Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 (But Not Ubuntu 16.04)

EEP 8.1.0 can be used with core 6.2.0 on Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 but is not supported with core 6.2.0 on Ubuntu 16.04. For a list of the operating systems that each EEP can support, see EEP Components and OS Support. For a list of the operating systems that different versions of core can support, see Operating System Support Matrix.

Installer Support for EEP 8.1.0

Installer and later support EEP 8.1.0 and previously released EEPs. Installer can be used on core 6.2.0 and core 7.0.0. For a list of the EEPs that are supported by different versions of the Installer, see Installer EEP Support.

Installer 1.17.0.x cannot be used with older versions of Ubuntu. For more information, see Selecting an Installer Version to Use.

EEP Upgrades

If your cluster is currently running EEP 5.x or 6.x, you can upgrade to Ecosystem Pack 6.3.5. If your cluster is running EEP 7.0.x or 7.1.x, you can upgrade to Ecosystem Pack 7.1.2 or 8.x.x.

For information about upgrading to core 7.0.0 and EEP 8.1.0, see:

EEP 8.1.0 Ecosystem Components and Release Notes

For a list of the EEP 8.1.0 components and their release notes, see Ecosystem Pack 8.1.0 Release Notes.

Version Change for Hive JAR Artifacts

Beginning with EEP 8.1.0, JAR artifacts for Hive use four digits instead of three digits. For more information, see Hive - 2201 (EEP 8.1.0) Release Notes.

Availability of EEP 6.3.6

EEP 6.3.6 was released at the same time as EEP 8.1.0 to provide defect repair for EEP 6.3.x users. For more information, see EEP 6.3.6 Reference Information.

API Server and Web Server Packages for EEP 8.1.0

EEP 8.1.0 can be used with release 7.0.0 and with release 6.2.0. However, the API server (mapr-apiserver) and web server (mapr-webserver) packages that you must apply are different depending on the core release version. And the packages for release 7.0.0 and release 6.2.0 reside in different locations. Use the following table to determine which packages to use:
For release Use the API server and web server packages in the . . .
7.0.0 Releases repository for core 7.0.0:


6.2.0 EEP repository for EEP 8.1.0:


For more information about the API server and web server packages, see Setting Up the Control System.