EEP 7.1.2 Reference Information

This section contains links to release notes and other reference information for EEP 7.1.2.

EEP 7.1.2 provides Log4j fixes and other defect repair. Before using EEP 7.1.2, review the following considerations. EEP 7.1.2:
  • Can be used with release 6.2.0 and with release 7.0.0. See EEP Support and Lifecycle Status. For operating system support, see EEP 7.1.2 Components and OS Support.
  • Does NOT include FIPS support.
  • Requires Hadoop version
  • Supports Spark 2.x on release 7.0.0. If your environment requires Spark 3.x on release 7.0.0, you must upgrade to EEP 8.1.0.