File Extensions of Compressed Files

Lists extensions of compressed files.

By default, HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric does not compress files whose filename extensions indicate they are already compressed. The default list of filename extensions is as follows:

  • bz2
  • gz
  • lzo
  • snappy
  • tgz
  • tbz2
  • zip
  • z
  • Z
  • mp3
  • jpg
  • jpeg
  • mpg
  • mpeg
  • avi
  • gif
  • png

The list of filename extensions not to compress is stored as comma-separated values in the mapr.fs.nocompression configuration parameter and can be modified with the config save command. For example, you can add parquet to the default list:

maprcli config save -values '{"mapr.fs.nocompression":"bz2,gz,lzo,snappy,tgz,tbz2,zip,z,Z,mp3, \

The list can be viewed with the config load command. Example:

maprcli config load -keys mapr.fs.nocompression