Choosing a Compression Setting

Lists the compression algorithms supported by data-fabric.

Data Fabric supports three different compression algorithms:

  • lz4 (default)
  • lzf
  • zlib

Compression algorithms can be evaluated for compression ratio (higher compression means less disk space used), compression speed and decompression speed. The following table gives a comparison for the three supported algorithms. The data is based on a single-thread, Core 2 Duo at 3 GHz.

Compression Type

Compression Ratio

Compression Speed

Decompression Speed



330 MB/s

915 MB/s



197 MB/s

465 MB/s



14 MB/s

210 MB/s

Note that compression speed depends on various factors including:

  • block size (the smaller the block size, the faster the compression speed)
  • single-thread vs. multi-thread system
  • single-core vs. multi-core system
  • the type of codec used