node metrics

Retrieves metrics information for nodes in a cluster.

Warning: This command is deprecated. See Using HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Monitoring (Spyglass Initiative) for information about viewing metrics and logs for nodes, services, and applications.

This command retrieves and displays various metrics related to the operation of nodes. The data displayed comes from the files that each node updates periodically that are stored in the node local volume on each node in the cluster.


maprcli node metrics
         -nodes <hostname>
         -start <start time>
         -end <end time>
        [ -interval <interval timestamp> ]
        [ -events true|false ]
        [ -columns <column names> ]
        [ -cluster <cluster name> ] 





A space-separated list of host names. The host name must be either the specific hostname (use the maprcli node list -columns hostname command to obtain the hostname value) or the name "hostname" if using the command line on the actual node. The IP address and "localhost" can not be used.


The start of the time range. Can be a UTC timestamp (in this case, a Java millisecond timestamp) or a UTC date in MM/DD/YY or MM/DD/YYYY format.


The end of the time range. Can be a UTC timestamp (in this case, a Java millisecond timestamp) or a UTC date in MM/DD/YY or MM/DD/YYYY format.


Data measurement interval in seconds. The minimum value is 10 seconds.


Specify TRUE to return node events only. The default value of this parameter is FALSE.


Comma-separated list of column names to return.


Cluster name.

Column Name Parameters

The node metrics API always returns the NODE (node name) and TIMESTAMP (integer timestamp) columns. Use the -columns flag to specify a comma-separated list of column names to return.

Warning: The CPUNICE, CPUUSER, and CPUSYSTEM parameters return information in jiffies. This unit measures one tick of the system timer interrupt and is usually equivalent to 10 milliseconds, but may vary depending on your particular node configuration. The reporting interval is the maximum possible value. In addition, the CPU* parameters accumulate and do not reset from report to report. Call sysconf(_SC_CLK_TCK) to determine the exact value for your node.


Amount of CPU time used by processes with a positive nice value.


Amount of CPU time used by user processes.


Amount of CPU time used by system processes.


Percentage of time this node spent at load 5 or below


Percentage of time this node spent at load 1 or below


Memory cache size in bytes


Shared memory size in bytes


Memory buffer size in bytes


Memory used in megabytes


Number of processes running


Number of data-fabric RPC calls


Number of bytes passed in by data-fabric RPC calls


Number of bytes passed out by data-fabric RPC calls


Server storage available in megabytes


Server storage used in megabytes


Free swap space in bytes


Number of TaskTracker slots used for map tasks


Number of TaskTracker slots used for reduce tasks

Three column name parameters return data that is too granular to display in a standard table. Use the -json option to return this information as a JSON object.



Metrics Returned


Activity on this node's CPUs. Each CPU on the node is numbered from zero, cpu0 to cpuN. Metrics returned are for each CPU.

CPUIDLE: Amount of CPU time spent idle. Reported as jiffies. CPUIOWAIT: Amount of CPU time spent waiting for I/O operations. Reported as jiffies. CPUTOTAL: Total amount of CPU time. Reported as jiffies.


Activity on this node's disks. Metrics returned are for each partition.

READOPS: Number of read operations. READKB: Number of kilobytes read. WRITEOPS: Number of write operations. WRITEKB: Number of kilobytes written.


Activity on this node's network interfaces. Metrics returned are for each interface.

BYTESIN: Number of bytes received. BYTESOUT: Number of bytes sent. PKTSIN: Number of packets received. PKTSOUT: Number of packets sent.


Retrieving the percentage of time that a node spent at the 1 and 5 load levels between dates

$ maprcli node metrics 
        -nodes centos24.lab 
        -start 08/02/15 
        -end 08/03/15 
        -interval 7200 
Sample Output
centos24.lab  15            9             Sat Aug 01 17:00:08 PDT 2015  1438473608000  
centos24.lab  20            20            Sat Aug 01 19:00:13 PDT 2015  1438480813000  
centos24.lab  14            9             Sat Aug 01 21:00:18 PDT 2015  1438488018000  
centos24.lab  13            11            Sat Aug 01 23:00:24 PDT 2015  1438495224000  
centos24.lab  11            1             Sun Aug 02 01:00:29 PDT 2015  1438502429000  
centos24.lab  14            8             Sun Aug 02 03:00:34 PDT 2015  1438509634000  
centos24.lab  13            22            Sun Aug 02 05:00:39 PDT 2015  1438516839000  
centos24.lab  24            46            Sun Aug 02 07:00:44 PDT 2015  1438524044000  
centos24.lab  18            21            Sun Aug 02 09:00:49 PDT 2015  1438531249000  
centos24.lab  10            2             Sun Aug 02 11:00:54 PDT 2015  1438538454000  
centos24.lab  24            24            Sun Aug 02 13:00:59 PDT 2015  1438545659000  
centos24.lab  8             0             Sun Aug 02 15:01:04 PDT 2015  1438552864000  
centos24.lab  14            10            Sun Aug 02 17:01:09 PDT 2015  1438560069000  
centos24.lab  10            2             Sun Aug 02 19:01:14 PDT 2015  1438567274000  
centos24.lab  17            21            Sun Aug 02 21:01:19 PDT 2015  1438574479000  
centos24.lab  15            8             Sun Aug 02 23:01:24 PDT 2015  1438581684000  
centos24.lab  28            66            Mon Aug 03 01:01:29 PDT 2015  1438588889000  
centos24.lab  16            28            Mon Aug 03 03:01:34 PDT 2015  1438596094000  
centos24.lab  20            26            Mon Aug 03 05:01:40 PDT 2015  1438603300000  
centos24.lab  22            39            Mon Aug 03 07:01:45 PDT 2015  1438610505000  
centos24.lab  16            18            Mon Aug 03 09:01:50 PDT 2015  1438617710000  
centos24.lab  16            17            Mon Aug 03 11:01:55 PDT 2015  1438624915000  
centos24.lab  18            35            Mon Aug 03 13:02:00 PDT 2015  1438632120000  
centos24.lab  11            10            Mon Aug 03 15:02:05 PDT 2015  1438639325000

Retrieving time percentage at load 1 and 5 levels and CPU usage between timestamps

$ maprcli node metrics 
        -nodes centos24.lab 
        -start 1438502429000 
        -end 1438581684000 
        -interval 28800 
Sample JSON output
    "timeofday":"2015-08-05 04:57:02.412 GMT-0700",
            "TIMESTAMPSTR":"Sat Aug 01 18:00:01 PDT 2015",
            "TIMESTAMPSTR":"Sun Aug 02 02:00:01 PDT 2015",
            "TIMESTAMPSTR":"Sun Aug 02 10:00:01 PDT 2015",

Retrieving data at the 1 and 5 load levels to the last even hour

maprcli node metrics 
     -nodes $(ls /mapr/se1/var/mapr/local/) 
     -start $(date -u -d '2 minutes ago' +%s000) 
     -end $(date -u -d 'now' +%s000) 
     -interval 60 

Sample Output

    "timeofday":"2015-07-08 10:38:21.882 GMT+0000",
            "TIMESTAMPSTR":"Wed Jul 08 22:00:09 UTC 2015",
            "TIMESTAMPSTR":"Wed Jul 08 22:01:10 UTC 2015",
            "TIMESTAMPSTR":"Wed Jul 08 22:02:13 UTC 2015",
            "TIMESTAMPSTR":"Wed Jul 08 22:38:10 UTC 2015",