Lists the parameters for the data-fabric NFS server.

The file /opt/mapr/conf/nfsserver.conf controls parameters related to data-fabric services and the warden. Most of the parameters are not intended to be edited directly by users. The following list shows the parameters of interest:

Default Value: true
Description: Indicates whether compression is on (true) or off (false).
Default Value: 67108864 bytes (64 MB)
Description: Size of each chunk.
Default Value: 2
Description: Number of threads for compression or decompression.
Default Value: 20480
Description: Duplicate request cache size.
Default Value: 62 seconds
Description: Duplicate request cache timeout in seconds.
Default Value: 0.5
Description: If the operations take more than DrCacheTimeout * DRCacheTimeOutOpt, the operations are not cached. For example, by default, if the operation takes more than 31 seconds — (62 * .5) = 31 seconds — the operation is not cached. A value of 0 disables the cache.
Default Value: disabled (Parameter is commented out in the file)
Description: The maximum amount of memory (in MB) that the NFS server process can use. If the NFS server process uses more memory than this value, then the server is automatically shutdown, and a Core file is generated for debugging.

For example: HighMemLimitMB=10000 indicates that the NFS server is shutdown if it consumes more than 10GB of memory.

This parameter is effective only if you enable the MemDebugEnable parameter.

Default Value: INFO
Description: Sets the level of log messages displayed in the output. Levels include:
  • INFO
  • WARN
  • OFF
Default Value: 1024 MB
Description: The maximum amount of disk space that the NFS server logs can consume before the oldest log file is deleted, based on the following calculation:
maxSizePerLogFile = maxLogFileSize / MAX_NUM_OF_LOG_FILES
  • maxLogFileSize is the total amount of space that NFS server log files may consume
  • MAX_NUM_OF_LOG_FILES is the total number of NFS server log files

Logrotate support for both the .log and the .err files honor this setting.

Attention: MaxLogFileSize is not a combined size of .log and .err files. The .log and .err files can individually grow up to this size.
Default Value: false (Parameter is commented out in the file)
Description: Set this parameter to true to enable memory tracking for the NFS server. This parameter works along with the HighMemLimitMB parameter.
Default Value: 8192
Description:Deserialize (if value is > 0) or do not deserialize (if value = 0) the response in the compression thread. If value is greater than 0, MapR deserializes requests with length >= value in the compression thread. If value is 0, requests of length < value are deserialized in the RPC thread itself..
Default Value: /ramfs/mapr
Description: Mount point for the ramfs file for mmap.
Default Value: 0.25
Description: Size of the ramfile to use (percent of total physical memory). A value of 0 disables the use of ramfs.
Default Value: false
Description: Allow (true) or deny (false) access to a Windows client when ACEs are set. If true, the mode bits are set to 777, the Windows client is granted access, and the operation is allowed based on the permissions enforced using mode bits and/or ACEs. If value is false, the mode bits are set to 000 and the Windows client is denied access. For more information, see Mounting NFS on a Windows Client.
Tip: Use separate NFS servers for Windows clients and non-Windows clients.