Properties Default Value Description
UI Setting Property File
Full Scan Frequency upload.fullScanFrequencyMin 60 Frequency, in minutes, at which full scan of all files detect changes missed by lite scans and purge (per the configured policy) uploaded files.
Note: The actual time of a full scan is computed on a per directory basis and spread randomly around the specified fullScanFrequency. Thus specifying 60 minutes does not mean that all directories get a full scan at exactly 60 minutes. Instead, directories randomly get a full scan on average every 60 minutes (somewhere between 30 and 90 minutes). This approach avoids load spikes.
Upload Scan Frequency upload.scanFrequencySec 60 Frequency, in seconds, at which light scans of directories detect changes since the last scan. This value cannot be below 10 seconds.
Completion Scan Frequency upload.completionScanFrequencySec 3 Frequency, in seconds, for checking upload status.

This impacts the time delay before the queue is cleared for more uploads, the reporting time for completion, and statistics collection.

Note: Values below the default may consume extra system resources.
Minimum Wait Before Upload upload.minWaitBeforeUploadSecs 15 Length of time, in seconds, to wait for uploading a file since the file was last modified. Set a higher value to avoid uploading a file still being modified.
Maximum Active Uploads upload.maxActiveUploads 10 Maximum number of files to upload concurrently. The scanning component of the file migration service is paused when 10 times this many files are waiting for upload.
Minimum Wait After Failure upload.minWaitAfterFailureSecs 300 Amount of time, in seconds, to wait (pause) before retrying if upload fails or if there is an error in the filesystem.
Maximum Retries Per File upload.maxErrorsOnOneFileBeforeGiveUp 10 Maximum number of times to attempt to upload a file. If the limit is reached, the file is dequeued to allow other files to be uploaded and the file modification time does not change. The dequeued file is rediscovered and queued for upload during the next full scan.
Maximum System Retries upload.maxErrorsBeforeAssumeSystemIssue 10 Maximum number of errors to allow before pausing all uploads. If this limit is reached, uploads continue only after the amount of time specified as value for the minWaitAfterFailureSecs property has elapsed.
Minimum Idle Time Before Error upload.minIdleTimeBeforeErrorSec 300 Amount of time, in seconds, to wait before logging a warning (in the filemigrate.log file) if all uploads are not progressing.
Bucket Location Region aws.region Region information as defined here. For:
  • Older regions, specify the short region name.
  • New regions, specify the short region name and the region endpoint.
The following regions can be specified using just the region name: us-east-1, us-west-1, us-west-2, ap-northeast-1, ap-southeast-1, ap-southeast-2, sa-east-1, eu-west-1, cn-north-1, us-gov-west-1. For all other regions, you might have to specify the endpoint as well.
Note: When you create a bucket in a region, verify that the bucket is really in that region; in some cases, buckets for one region are actually hosted elsewhere.
Region Endpoint aws.regionendpoint The AWS region endpoint.
Proxy Host aws.proxyHost (Optional) Proxy host information.
Proxy Port aws.proxyPort
Proxy Username aws.proxyUsername
Proxy Password aws.proxyPassword
Access Key aws.accessKey Credentials to use for accessing the S3 bucket.
Secret Key aws.secretKey
Directory Path dir<N>.path The path from which the scan of the directory or root directory starts. Replace <N> with an integer; for each additional directory tree, increment the number and specify a unique path.
Note: Do not create multiple policies or directory configurations pointing to the same filesystem location.
Target Bucket dir<N>.bucket The Amazon S3 bucket to upload to.
Purge Interval dir<N>.purgepolicy.hours 0 Amount of time, in hours, after the file was last modified to wait before deleting the file. The default value is never delete (0).
Note: Deletion is delayed until after the file upload occurs, regardless of the purge time set.
Delete Empty Directories dir<N>.deleteEmptyDirectoryDelayMins 0 Amount of time to wait, in minutes, before deleting empty directories. The default value is never delete (0).
Server Side Encryption dir<N>.serverSideEncrypt false Specify whether (true) or not (false) S3 server side encryption should be used. If the value is true (enabled), the TransferManager API that specifies AES256 encryption is used automatically for each uploaded file.
Ignore Files Regex dir<N>.ignoreFilesRegex File and directory names to ignore, specified as regex pattern, as defined by java.util.regex. For example:
  • .*\.TEMP$ - ignore all files/directories ending in .TEMP
  • .*TEMP.* - ignore all files/directories that contain the phrase TEMP
  • ^TEMP.* - ignore all files/directories that start with TEMP
Specify a single regular expression that matches multiple patterns, as shown in the following examples:
  • dir2.ignoreFilesRegex=^IGNORE.*|.*\.TMP$
  • dir2.ignoreFilesRegex=^IGNORE.*|.*\.TMP$|.*\\.TXT$|.*\\.txt$
  • dir2.ignoreFilesRegex=^temp$
X-Attributes dir<N>.xattrs The space-separated list of AWS S3 attributes to copy from filesystem to AWS S3 bucket when uploading a file. Make a note of the following:
  • While filesystem attributes can be strings or binary, AWS S3 attributes must be strings.
  • While filesystem attribute names are case sensitive, AWS S3 attribute names are case insensitive.
Note: Only extended attributes from MapR filesystem that start with user. are considered for upload (since all user settable attributes begin with user.). The attribute must be specified without user.. For example, to upload a file with the extended attribute name, the value for this property must be foo because the user. is implicit.
Extended attributes are uploaded when the file is first uploaded. If extended attributes are set after file upload, the extended attributes are not sent to AWS S3 unless the file modification timestamp changes.
Authorized Users authorized.users mapr The comma-separated list of users who can login and use the File Migration Service. The UI authorizes the following users to login and use the service:
  • The owner of the file migrate process (on the cluster, this is MAPR_USER).
  • Any users belonging to the comma-separated list of authorized users specified here.
  • Any users belonging to any group in the comma-separated list specified using authorized.groups property.
The default value is the MAPR_USER (who is mapr, by default) specified with the utility.
Authorized Groups authorized.groups mapr The comma-separated list of groups authorized to login and use the service. The default value is the MAPR_USER (mapr, by default) specified with the utility.