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Memory Allocation Alarm

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The percentage of system memory required to run services on the node exceeds the set threshold and could potentially overload the node. If you installed a service on the node that causes the sum of memory used by the services on the node to exceed the threshold set, the system raises the alarm.


To clear the alarm, you can add more memory to the node, stop a service from running on the node, or remove a service from the node. You can run the service list command to see the memory allocated to each service on the node. See service list for more information.

The services.memoryallocation.alarm.threshold property in warden.conf defines the maximum amount of system memory that services running on the node can use before triggering the alarm. The default setting for this property is 95 percent:


The percentage of system memory that services can use on the node should not exceed 95. Restart the Warden service on the node after you edit the warden.conf file.