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Memory Usage Alarm

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The HostStats service raises this alarm for swap space when the delta of swap in memory and the delta of swap out memory exceeds the threshold set over a specific time period.


To clear the alarm, you can increase the physical memory or reduce the load running on the node. You can run the service list command to see the memory allocated to each service on the node. See service list for more information.

The memory swapping alarm is controlled by the following properties in /opt/mapr/conf/hoststats.conf:

  • alarm.swapping.threshold
  • alarm.swapping.counter

The memory threshold for swap in and swap out is defined by the alarm.swapping.threshold property, which is set to 100MB by default. The duration over which HostStats checks the delta of the memory is defined by the alarm.swapping.counter, which is set to 100 seconds by default.