Managing Disks

Provides a brief overview of adding and removing disks from the HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric filesystem.

You can add and remove disks in the filesystem from the control system or using the diskadd and diskremove commands. filesystem groups disks into storage pools, usually made up of two or three disks. When adding disks to the filesystem, it is a good idea to add at least two or three at a time so that HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric can create properly-sized storage pools. Each node in a HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric cluster can support up to 36 storage pools.

To see which disks are used by filesystem, check the disktab file that HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric maintains on each node.

Warning: For instructions on performing disk maintenance on a node, see Performing Maintenance on a Node. If a disk failure alarm is raised (NODE_ALARM_DISK_FAILURE), see Handling Disk Failures for instructions.

Refer to the following procedures to manage disks using the Control System and the CLI.