Known Issues at Release (Release 7.0.0)

You may encounter the following known issues after upgrading to Release 7.0.0. This list is current as of the release date. For a dynamic list of all known issues for all HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric product releases, refer to Support notices of known issues.

IMPORTANT: The Support notices of known issues tool is being retired soon, but you can obtain the same information by logging on to the HPE Support Center.

Where available, the workaround for an issue is also documented. HPE regularly releases maintenance releases and patches to fix issues. We recommend checking the release notes for any subsequent maintenance releases to see if one or more of these issues are fixed.

HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric File Store

The FileMigrate feature does not work with HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric versions 6.2, 6.2.1, and 7.0.0. The FileMigrate feature needs to be upgraded to support JDK 11 and AWS S3 1.11.X versions.
Running on a SLES 15 SP3 node returns the following disksetup error:
# /opt/mapr/server/ -C -Z -RM -HS -N c.140 -secure -F ~/disklist.txt -dare -genkeys
grep: /opt/mapr/conf/disktab: No such file or directory

Error 1, Operation not permitted. Fileserver start
The error occurs because sudo is not available by default on SLES 15 SP3.
Workaround: Before installing HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric on the node, install sudo manually by using zypper install sudo.
cliframework CLIInterface leaks objects on streams commands.
Unable to list the active clients of NFS Gateways.
MFS assert failure in mapr::fs::BlockAllocator::Free.
cldb crash at CryptoPP::HashFilter::HashFilter.
Each thread in the FileClient sending RPCs to the cluster will issue redundant container lookups when the container is not available.
Offloading a volume to a tier by using the maprcli volume offload command fails with the following error:
ERROR (11) - Unable to start OFFLOAD for component-files, Gateway not assigned yet. Please retry after some time.
In addition, the maprcli volume tierjobstatus command shows the state of the offload operation as FailureFatal.
Workaround: Use these steps:
  1. Identify the assigned gateway for the failing volume:
    ~$ maprcli volume tierjobstatus -name component-files -json -verbose true
            "timeofday":"2022-06-27 01:35:24.669 GMT-0700 PM",
                                    "startTime":"2022-06-27 09:00:04.321 GMT-0700",
                                    "endTime":"2022-06-27 09:47:56.837 GMT-0700",
                                    "offloadedDataSize":"5331520.0 MB",
                                    "OffloadFailingSince":"2022-06-27 09:47:56.837 GMT-0700"
                                    "startTime":"2022-06-26 23:52:02.701 GMT-0700",
                                    "endTime":"2022-06-27 00:26:18.969 GMT-0700",
                                    "reclaimedDataSize":"4550080.0 MB",
  2. Stop the gateway to force reassignment:
    maprcli node services -name mastgateway -action stop -nodes $HOSTNAME
  3. Restart the gateway using the following command:
     maprcli node services -name mastgateway -action restart -nodes <node> -json
  4. Retry the volume offload.

HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Database

If you run the following commands without a license, the commands hang:
  • maprcli stream replica add
  • maprcli stream edit (Without a license, this command only hangs when you run it with the -compact option.)

Workaround: Add a license as described in Adding a License.

Query conditions on masked fields that a user does not have permission to read return data based on the masked value and not the actual values of the fields.
For example, field a.b.c = 135 in table t1. The field is masked and appears as a.b.c = 0 to users that do not have permission to read the masked data. If you do not have permission to read the masked data and you want to find all the documents in t1 where a.b.c is greater than 10:
mapr dbshell find /tmp/t1 --c '{"$gt":{"a.b.c":10}}'
The search does not return any documents:
mapr dbshell find /tmp/t1 --c '{"$gt":{"a.b.c":10}}' 
0 document(s) found
If the search specifies the masked value in the query condition (WHERE a.b.c = 0):
mapr dbshell find /tmp/t1 --c '{"$eq":{"a.b.c":0}}'
1 document(s) found.

The search only returns documents because the query condition matched the masked value.

Workaround: Do not include masked fields in query conditions unless you have permission to read the data in the masked fields. Masking permissions are set through the defaultunmaskedreadperm and unmaskedreadperm options at the table, column family, or column level. See Dynamic Data Masking for more information.

Hitting assert in RBType_RB_REMOVE (elm=0x0, head=0x46472c0) at fs/server/db/rbtree.h.

Installation and Configuration Issues

The following features are still in development and are not currently available in release 7.0.0:

PACC Feature Is Unavailable

The Persistent Application Client Container (PACC) is currently unavailable for use with release 7.0.0. PACC information will be added to the release 7.0.0 documentation as soon as the PACC feature becomes available.

Development Environment for HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Is Unavailable

The Development Environment for HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric is currently unavailable for use with release 7.0.0. The development environment script will be updated and documented for release 7.0.0 as soon as the updated Docker image is available.

FUSE-Based Client Issues

The mounting process may be inhibited or access to the FUSE mount using available commands may hang if security software, such as CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor Service and Vormetric Data Security Manager, blocks the FUSE subsystem or kernel. Contact your HPE customer support representative if you experience related issues.

MCS and Object Store Interface Issues


Users with login permissions through group membership are unable to login to the Control System (MCS).

Workaround: Provide individual login permissions to each user to login to the Control System (MCS).

If you are using SPNEGO authentication, Control System (MCS) UI is unresponsive after the session timeout.
This issue is fixed when you apply the mapr-webserver- and mapr-apiserver- patches.
Workaround: Use a new browser tab after the session timeout.
The control system (MCS) and commands, such as the maprcli and mrconfig commands, incorrectly label binary byte numbers in decimal units. For example, the system calculates disk utilization in mebibytes (MiB), but incorrectly displays an MB (megabyte) label next to the number when it should display MiB.
Workaround: None.
Lack of a License Prevents the Use of Some Features
If you have not applied a license, some MCS and Object Store user-interface features are not available. For example, MCS displays the Register Now button until you apply a community license or other license. Clicking the button does not provide license information.
The Object Store interface displays an Upgrade Now! button and prevents you from creating or editing an account until you apply an enterprise license or enterprise trial license. Clicking the button does not provide license information.
Workaround: To obtain a community license, enterprise license, or enterprise trial license, navigate to the My Clusters page, and create an account. To apply the license, see Adding a License.


Permission denied for execute operation when user's group is mentioned in ACEs.

Upgrade Issues

Upgrading directly from release 6.1.x to release 7.0.0 can fail because the upgrade process reads password information from the default Hadoop ssl-server.xml and ssl-client.xml files rather than the original .xml files. Note that upgrades from release 6.2.0 to 7.0.0 are not affected by this issue.
The issue does not occur, and the upgrade succeeds, if either of the following conditions is true:
  • The existing password is mapr123 (the default value) when the EEP upgrade is initiated.
  • You upgrade the cluster first to release 6.2.0 and then subsequently to release 7.0.0.
Understanding the Upgrade Process and Workaround: The workaround in this section modifies the release 6.1.x-to-7.0.0 upgrade so that it works like the 6.2.0-to-7.0.0 upgrade.
Upgrading to core 7.0.0 requires installing the mapr-hadoop-util package. Before the upgrade, Hadoop files are stored in a subdirectory such as hadoop-2.7.0. Installation of the mapr-hadoop-util package:
  • Creates a subdirectory to preserve the original .xml files. This subdirectory has the same name as the original Hadoop directory and a timestamp suffix (for example, hadoop-
  • Creates a subdirectory for the new Hadoop version (hadoop-2.7.6).
  • Deletes the original hadoop-2.7.0 directory.
During the upgrade, a special file called /opt/mapr/hadoop/prior_hadoop_dir needs to be created to store the location of the prior Hadoop directory. The script uses this location to copy the ssl-server.xml and ssl-client.xml files to the new hadoop-2.7.6 subdirectory.
In a release 6.1.x-to-7.0.0 upgrade, the prior_hadoop_dir file does not get created, and uses the default ssl-server.xml and ssl-client.xml files provided with Hadoop 2.7.6. In this scenario, any customization in the original .xml files is not applied.
The following workaround restores the missing prior_hadoop_dir file. With the file restored, -R consumes the prior_hadoop_dir file and copies the the original ssl-server.xml and ssl-client.xml files into the hadoop-2.7.6 directory, replacing the files that contain the default mapr123 password.
Workaround: After upgrading the ecosystem packages, but before running -R:
  1. Create a file named prior_hadoop_dir that contains the Hadoop directory path. For example:
    # cat /opt/mapr/hadoop/prior_hadoop_dir
    If multiple directories are present, specify the directory with the most recent timestamp.
  2. Run the -R command as instructed to complete the EEP upgrade.