filefilter modify

Modifies a filter that disallows the specified file type.


/opt/mapr/bin/maprcli filefilter modify
         -name name
         [ -description description ]
         -fileextensions extension
Request Type POST
Request URL


Parameter Description
name Identifies the filter to modify. The name cannot be modified.
description An optional description.
fileextensions Comma separated list of extensions to block. For example, exe,bat blocks exe and bat files from being created and stored.
Note: The extensions are NOT case sensitive. Setting the extension to exe blocks file1.exe but does not block file1.EXE
Note: Modifying file filters does not delete files already present in accordance with the current extensions. They only block new files henceforth. For example, if you modify a filter that currently has jpg,png, and now add txt to it, files with an extension of txt that are already present in the volume are not deleted. New files with the txt extension are prevented from being created hereafter.


Modify a filter named noexebat to disallow exe, bat, and sh files:

/opt/mapr/bin/maprcli filefilter modify -name noextbat -description No EXE BAT and sh files \ 
                      -fileextensions exe,bat,sh -json
        "timeofday":"2021-01-04 12:00:28.371 GMT-0800 AM",

                "Filter Updated successfully"
curl -k -X POST ',bat,sh' --user mapr:mapr
{"timestamp":1609747413152,"timeofday":"2021-01-04 12:03:33.152 GMT-0800 AM","status":"OK","total":0,"data":[],"messages":["Filter Updated successfully"]}