Removing Secondary Indexes on JSON Tables

Describes how to remove secondary indexes that are no longer needed.

You can remove secondary indexes using the MapR Control System (MCS) or the maprcli table index commands. You need the following permissions.

  • readAce on the volume
  • lookupdir on directories in the table path
  • indexperm permission on the table, if you did not create the table
Note: The mapr user is not treated as a superuser. HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Database does not allow the mapr user to perform this operation unless that user is given the relevant permission or permissions with access-control expressions.

Removing Indexes Using the MapR Control System

  1. Log in to MCS and go to the Indexes tab in the table information page.
  2. Select the indexes to remove and click Remove Index.
    The Remove Index confirmation window displays.
  3. Review the index(es) to remove and click Remove Index.

Removing Indexes Using the CLI

The following is the basic command for removing a secondary index on a JSON table.
maprcli table index remove 
  -path <path>
  -index <index name>

See table index remove for more information.