What's New in MEP 4.0.0

Provides a summary of the new functionality in MEP 4.0.0.

MEP 4.0.0 includes support for MapR 6.0 and these new features:

New Features and Additions

Enhanced Security
For more information, see Built-in Security in MapR.
Zeppelin Ecosystem Component
For more information, see Zeppelin on MapR (MapR 6.1.0).
Enhancements to Parallelism in Drill 1.11
In previous versions of Drill, parallelism correlated with the number of tablets (table partitions) that HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Database split a table into, and each tablet stored up to 4 GB of data. One minor fragment ran for each tablet. As of MapR 6.0 and Drill 1.11, parallelism correlates with the amount of data instead of the number of tablets. One minor fragment is created for approximately every 128 MB of data. For example, Drill creates 32 minor fragments for 4 GB of data. The planner.slice_target option determines the number of minor fragments that run in parallel.