Data Science Refinery Support by Core Version

This topic provides general guidance about the core versions you can use with various versions of Data Science Refinery. It also lists features that are exceptions to the general rule.

Each Data Science Refinery release has a corresponding Ecosystem Pack (MEP) release:

Data Science Refinery Version Number Corresponding MEP Version
1.4.1 6.3.0
1.4 6.2.0
1.3.2 6.1.0
1.3 6.0.0
1.2 5.0.0
1.1 4.1.0
1.0 4.0.0

In addition, each core version supports a set of MEP releases. MEP Support by Core Version shows the support matrix.

In general, you can use Data Science Refinery with the core version supported by the corresponding MEP release, as well as newer core versions. For example, because Data Science Refinery 1.3 corresponds with MEP 6.0, which supports core 6.1, unless otherwise noted, you can use Data Science Refinery 1.3 to access a core 6.1 (or later) cluster.

However, there are some exceptions to this general guidance. Some Zeppelin interpreters do not support certain features when using specific core versions. The following table highlights those exceptions. It includes the version combinations, which are supported for those exception features, to show which core version you need to use.

Zeppelin Interpreter Feature Data Science Refinery Version Core Version
6.0.0 6.0.1 6.1
Hive interpreter accessing a secure cluster 1.0 Y Y N
1.1 Y Y N
1.2 N Y N
1.3 N N Y
1.4 N N Y
Livy and Spark interpreters accessing HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Event Store 1.0 * Y Y N
1.1 Y Y N
1.2 N Y N
1.3 N N Y
1.4 N N Y
* Not applicable for the Spark interpreter since it was introduced in Data Science Refinery 1.1