Performing a Maintenance Update

Perform a maintenance update when you want to upgrade to a new patch version of core or apply a patch.

A maintenance update is an update to your installed software that does not require configuration-file changes. Performing a maintenance update has no effect on the ecosystem packages (MEP components). You perform a maintenance update when you want to do either or both of the following:
  • Update to a new patch version of core. For example, you can perform a maintenance update to change your core version from Release 5.2 to Release 5.2.1. You cannot use a maintenance update to change your core version from a minor version, such as 5.0, to another minor version, such as 5.2. Use the Version Upgrade button for minor-version upgrades. The Version Upgrade button also permits an upgrade to a patch version of core.
  • Apply a patch. The Maintenance Update page is one of several installer screens that offer the Patch file option. See Applying a Patch Using the Installer.

You cannot perform a maintenance update if your current MEP version is incompatible with the selected MapR core version. For example, you cannot do a maintenance update from Release 6.0 and MEP 4.0 to Release 6.0.1 because MEP 4.0 is not compatible with Release 6.0.1. For MEP and core compatibility information, see MEP Support by Core Version.

Note: The maintenance update is an offline update (not a rolling update).
You perform a maintenance update using the Installer. To perform a maintenance update:
  1. Update the MapR Installer if necessary. The maintenance update feature is available only with Installer 1.5 or later.
  2. Prepare the cluster for a maintenance update by referring to one or both of these topics:
  3. Start the Installer. For more information, see Installer.
  4. Click the Maintenance Update button.
  5. Change the core version, or install a core patch, or both.
    Important: During patch-file installation, do not refresh the browser page while the patch file is being uploaded. Doing so can interrupt the upload process.
  6. Click Next to complete the update.