Upgrading Data-Fabric Core Without the Installer

You can upgrade data-fabric core without using the Installer.

First, you perform an offline or rolling upgrade of the data-fabric core manually. Next, you configure the new version to enable support of data-fabric core features. Finally, you upgrade ecosystem components manually.

When upgrading, you can install packages from the following sources:
  • The data-fabric internet repository
  • A local repository
  • Individual package files

Go to the next topic to begin setting up repositories.

When you are finished upgrading data-fabric core, you will need to follow the steps to upgrade the ecosystem components, as described in Upgrading the Ecosystem Pack Without the MapR Installer.
Note: Data-fabric 6.0 and later releases are only compatible with MEP 4.0.0 and later MEPs (see MEP Support by MapR Core Version). If you upgrade data-fabric core to data-fabric 6.0 or later, you must install or upgrade to MEP 4.0.0 or later. Clusters with MEP 3.0.1 or later are allowed to upgrade to data-fabric 6.0 or later, but such clusters must not enable new features, add new services, add new nodes, or make configuration changes until MEP 3.0.1 or later is upgraded to MEP 4.0.0 or later.

Then proceed to Finishing the Data-Fabric Core Upgrade.