Retrieving the Status of a Volume-level Tiering Operation

You can check the status of an active volume offload, completed offload, aborted offload, and recall operations using the Control System, the CLI, and the REST API. For information on file level tiering job, see Retrieving Status of File-level Tiering Operation and File Data.

Retrieving Status of Volume-level Operation Using the Control System

Log in to the Control System and click Data > Volumes.
The Volumes pane in the page displays the following for tiered volumes:
  • Job — The currently running or last completed tiering job for the volume.
  • State — The status of the tiering job.
  • Progress — The completion percentage of the tiering job.

Retrieving Status of Volume-level Operation Using the CLI and REST API

Run the following command to check the status of an active or completed offload, abort, and/or recall operation:
maprcli volume tierjobstatus -name <volume_name> -json
Note: You must have full control (fc) permissions either at the cluster or at the volume level to run this command. To determine the status of a compaction operation, specify the verbose option with the tierjobstatus command. For example:
maprcli volume tierjobstatus -name <volume_name> -verbose true -json
Send a request of type GET.
curl -k -X GET 'https://<host>:8443/rest/volume/tierjobstatus?name=<volume_name>' --user mapr:mapr
See Statuses for more information.