Offloading a File to a Tier Using the CLI and REST API

Describes how to offload files to a tier using the CLI and the REST API.

Files, in tiering-enabled volumes, can be offloaded individually using the CLI and REST API. See Data Offload and Purge for more information. For information on offloading files using (loopbacknfs or FUSE-based) POSIX or NFS clients when maprcli or hadoop commands are not available, see Running Tiering Commands when maprcli and hadoop Commands are not Available.

Note: Offloading a single file to a warm-tier might result in wasted space. See Data Offload and Purge for more information

The user offloading the file data must have write permission (mode bit or Access Control Expression (ACE)) on the file to offload data.

You can also offload all data in a tiering-enabled volume to the associated tier. see Offloading a Volume to a Tier for more information.

Run one of the following commands to offload file data to a tier:
  • hadoop mfs -offload <file-path>
    For more information, see hadoop mfs.
  • /opt/mapr/bin/maprcli file offload -name <file>
    For more information, see file offload.
Send a request of type POST. For example:
curl -k -X POST '' --user mapr:mapr

If the manual offload succeeds, the command returns nothing. If the offload fails, the command returns an error code. For more information on the codes, see Retrying Failed Operation.