Viewing the List of Storage Tier Policies

Explains how to view tiering policies for storage using either the Control System, the CLI, or the REST API.

Viewing the List of Storage Tier Policies Using the Control System

Log in to MCS and click Data > Volumes > Storage Policies.
Note: The Storage Policies tab is under the Volumes menu in the Kubernetes version of the Control System.
The list of storage policies displays. For each storage policy, the page displays the following:
Column Name Column Description
Policy Name The name of the policy.
Detail The policy details.
You can:

Viewing the List of Storage Tier Policies Using the CLI and REST API

Run the following command to retrieve the list of tiers:
# maprcli tier rule list
Send a request of type GET. For example:
# curl -k -X GET '' --user mapr:mapr
{"timestamp":1525728727729,"timeofday":"2018-05-07 02:32:07.729 GMT-0700 PM","status":"OK","total":6,"data":[{"ruleid":"1","rulename":"default.ectier.rule","expression":"m:1d"},{"ruleid":"2","rulename":"rule2","expression":"s:5g"},{"ruleid":"3","rulename":"rule1","expression":"m:365d"},{"ruleid":"4","rulename":"rule3","expression":"u:m7user1"},{"ruleid":"5","rulename":"rule4","expression":"p"},{"ruleid":"6","rulename":"testRule","expression":"u:m7user1 | (u:mapr & (s:5g | m:365d))"}]}

For more information, see tier rule list.