Creating a Tiering-Enabled Volume

You can create a tiering-enabled volume using the Control System, the CLI, and the REST API.

Creating a Tiering-Enabled Volume Using the Control System

  1. Go to Data > Volumes and click Create Volume.
    The Create New Volume page displays.
  2. Select the Volume Type, specify values for required/optional settings and auditing, and move the slider to Yes for Data Tier in the Properties tab.
    For information on all other properties and settings, see Creating a Volume.
    Note: The source volume for a tiering-enabled mirror volume must also be tiering-enabled. You cannot set up a tiering-enabled mirror volume to mirror a volume that is not tiering-enabled.
  3. Click Create Volume to create the tiering-enabled volume.
You can proceed to associate a tier, tiering rule, and/or schedule with the volume.

Creating a Tiering-Enabled Volume Using the CLI and REST API

Run the following command to create a tiering-enabled volume:
$maprcli volume create -name <volName> -path <volmountpath> -tieringenable true
Send a request of type POST. For example:
curl -k -X POST '<volName>&path=<volmountpath>&tieringenable=true' --user mapr:mapr
For more information, see volume create.