HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Database Binary Connector for Apache Spark Integration with Spark Streaming

Spark Streaming is a micro-batching, stream-processing framework built on top of Spark. HBase APIs and Spark Streaming make great companions. When used alongside Spark Streaming, HBase APIs can serve as:

  • A place to grab reference data or profile data on the fly.
  • A place to store counts or aggregates in a way that supports the Spark Streaming promise of only once processing.

The HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Database Binary Connector for Apache Spark integration points with Spark Streaming are similar to its normal Spark integration points. You can use the following commands straight off a Spark Streaming DStream:

bulkPut Enables massively parallel sending of puts to HBase APIs.
bulkDelete Enables massively parallel sending of deletes to HBase APIs.
bulkGet Enables massively parallel sending of gets to HBase APIs to create a new RDD.
mapPartition Enables the Spark Map function with a Connection object to allow full access to HBase APIs.
hBaseRDD Simplifies a distributed scan to create an RDD.

bulkPut Example with DStreams

The following example shows a bulkPut with DStreams. It is similar to the RDD bulk put.
Note: To invoke the hbaseBulkPut method, make sure you import the HBaseDStreamFunctions class.
import org.apache.hadoop.hbase.spark.HBaseDStreamFunctions._

val sc = new SparkContext("local", "test")
val config = new HBaseConfiguration()

val hbaseContext = new HBaseContext(sc, config)
val ssc = new StreamingContext(sc, Milliseconds(200))

val rdd1 = ...
val rdd2 = ...
val queue = mutable.Queue[

queue += rdd1
queue += rdd2

val dStream = ssc.queueStream(queue)

  (putRecord) => {
   val put = new Put(putRecord._1)
   putRecord._2.foreach((putValue) => 
	put.addColumn(putValue._1, putValue._2, putValue._3))
The hbaseBulkPut function has three inputs: