KMIP Supported Attributes

Lists the KMIP attributes supported by the data-fabric KMIP client library.

The KMIP attributes supported by the data-fabric KMIP client library are as follows:
Activation Date
Description: Date and time when the managed cryptographic object may begin to be used.
Cryptographic Algorithm
Description: Cryptographic algorithm of an object, for example, AES.
Cryptographic Length
Description: Length in bits of the cleartext cryptographic material. For example, this value will be 256 for an AES-256 symmetric key.
Cryptographic Usage Mask
Description: A bit mask defining the cryptographic usage of a key, for example, encrypt and decrypt.
Description: Digest value of the key or secret data.
Description: Indicates whether or not the object has been served to the client.
Initial Date
Description: Date when the managed object was first created or registered at the server.
Key Format Type
Description: Key format, for example, Raw, PKCS#1, Opaque, etc.
Last Change Date
Description: Date and time of the last change to the contents or attributes of the managed object.
Lease Time
Description: Time interval for a managed cryptographic object beyond which the client shall not use the object without obtaining another lease.
Description: Name assigned by the KMIP client to identify and locate the object.
Object Group
Description: Specifies the group to which the object belongs.
Object Type
Description: Type of the managed object, for example, symmetric key.
Operation Policy Name
Description: Specifies the entities and their corresponding key management operations on the object.
Description: Indicates the object state, for example, Pre-Active, Active.
Unique Identifier
Description: Generated by the key manager to uniquely identify a managed object.
Description: Data Fabric-specific custom attribute to specify the cluster name to which this managed object relates.