Using Java Applications with Secure Clusters

Describes ramifications associated with using Java applications in a MapR secure environment.

A secure computing environment places additional requirements on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) properties of Java clients. The JVMs launched by MapR with scripts, such as those used by the maprcli, hadoop, or hbase commands, have those properties automatically set by the MapR software. The MapR software attempts to set useful values for these properties.

When a JVM is used or launched directly, such as when you write a stand-alone Java program, any Java code that sets values for the following properties may cause issues on your cluster.

Property Default Value Description /opt/mapr/conf/mapr.login.conf Path to the file that specifies JAAS configurations used by MapR. /opt/mapr/conf/ssl_truststore Controls the truststore used by MapR clients for HTTPS connections.
http.auth.preference basic The default setting disables JVM's default handling of SPNEGO, enabling MapR's Hadoop code to handle SPNEGO authentication.
zookeeper.saslprovider Enables ZooKeeper security.
hadoop.login hadoop_default Controls the JAAS configuration used by MapR security.