yarn logs

Dumps the YARN container logs.


yarn logs -applicationId <application ID> [OPTIONS]

general options are:
 -appOwner <Application Owner>   AppOwner (assumed to be current user if
                                 not specified)
 -containerId <Container ID>     ContainerId (must be specified if node
                                 address is specified)
 -help                           Displays help for all commands.
 -nodeAddress <Node Address>     NodeAddress in the format nodename:port
                                 (must be specified if container id is


Parameter Description
-applicationId Specifies an application ID.
-appOwner <Application Owner> Specifies the application owner. Defaults to the current user if this option is not specified.
-containerId <Container ID> Specifies the container ID. Required when -nodeAddress is specified.
-nodeAddress <Node Address> Specifies the node address in the following format: nodename:port. Required when -containerId is specified.