volume container switchmaster

Switches the master replica for a specified container to another replica in the replica chain.

This command fails if there is only one up-to-date replica for the container.

Note: Only the root and the MAPR_USER (user name under which MapR services runs) user have permissions to run this command.


maprcli volume container switchmaster 
   [ -cluster <cluster_name> ]
   -cid <cid> 
Request Type POST
Request URL


Parameter Description
cluster The cluster on which to run the command. If this parameter is omitted, the command is run on the same cluster where it is issued. In multi-cluster contexts, you can use this parameter to specify a different cluster on which to run the command.
cid The unique ID number for the container that you want to run the command on.


Switches the master container for a specified container:
maprcli volume container switchmaster -cid 2049